Domain Name & Hosting Plan

22 Dec

I purchased my domain name, from The cost for the domain name registration was 65.00 for two years. I will have the ability to renew after the two year period. In addition, I purchased a total of 5 email boxes for 29.88 for a one year period of time. In addition to these services, I also purchased the Website from for an annual fee of $53.88. The current issues I am facing with the godaddy.comhost is that it only allows for 5 different tabs with predefined templates. These templates do not allow for customization.  In order to add additional tabs I would need to pay additional fees, but would still not have the ability to customize.  I am currently in the process of developing a website through an Adobe software program called Muse. This program is currently in a Beta testing stage and is free until early 2012 in which time I will be purchasing it. I will than be hosting my new site through Adobe for a cost of about 20.00 per month. The beta testing has been beneficial in allowing me to see the flexability of developing and making ongoing changes which is important in the music industry to keep content fresh and relevant.



The Fast & The Furious 7 and 8? Really??

22 Dec

I recently stumbled upon an article online saying that the are planning on making TWO more Fast and the Furious movies! Are you fucking kidding me?! These movies have been shitty since the first one back in 2001!! My first thought was, “Wow, who the fuck still watches these horrible movies who’s plot line is the exact same every time? Much to my surprise, i found out that the fifth.. or maybe sixth? movie in the series.. whichever was most recently released to the public.. had grossed enough money for them to make either a 6th and 7th, or 7th and 8th of these dumb ass car flicks. I guess my question is how are people stupid enough to continue spending money to see the same movie over and over and over again? Besides, Vin Diesel is not a bad ass you idiots. The guy is like five foot three inches.

Im wondering where the originality went in creating NEW content for movies. They are also planning to realease Men In Black III in 2012.. I get it.. Numbers 1 and 2 were classics, but don’t go and make a trilogy after five years!! News flash, Will Smith is no longer the fucking fresh prince of Bel Air! Guys gotta be pushing 45.. Why dont these production companies try making NEW movies. Everything is an 80’s or 90’s remake these days. Shaking My Head.

Drake “Take Care” Album Review

22 Dec

It’s safe to say that Drake’s album was one of the most anticipated hip hop records of 2011, along with “The Carter IV”. It’s also no surprise that the album leaked about a week prior to its release. In fact, I strongly believe that Drake himself, and/or Young Money Records leaked it intentionally. I know the strategy all too well to think that shit was accidental. I would consider myself a pretty big Drake fan for the most part, but i am not to be bias with this review.

Overall, I found the album to be somewhat of a let down. Far too much R&B and sappy pop bullshit for me personally. To make it even more disappointing, alot of the songs Drake actually did rap on were very soft and somewhat boring to me. It’s no question that Drake is a very Talented lyricist and musician, I just hope his future albums are more real hip hop. There were a few songs on the album that I, amongst many others, did enjoy. Shot For Me, Over My Dead Body, Headlines, Underground Kings, and Only on camera were my personal favorite joints of of “Take Care”.


History Of The Internet

3 Nov

What was the internet, and how did it come about?

The internet was a result of several wise wizards of the 1960’s who believed that with computing power and file-sharing abilities could eventually better humanity and bring us together as a whole. We know now that they were indeed correct about that. Its early use was intended to be strictly for scientific and military breakthroughs. The internet, which at the time was known as arpanet, was brought online in 1969. Wonder if that had anything to do with the moon landing?

Charlie Kline at UCLA was said to be the first person to get onto the arpanet, but the system crashed shortly after. Although Al Gore claimed the he was indeed the one who created the internet, I had a hard time believing this during my research, as he is also the man that tried telling people global warming is real. However, i do believe that he contributed a lot to the growth of the internet.

Computers were affordable to most family homes by the 1990’s, therefore making the internet grow to what we know it as today.. A network of unlimited possibilities. In my opinion, the most powerful and useful tool for anyone in this day and age. Without the internet, we would not be able to communicate near as efficiently. I think it’s safe to say that if the internet was suddenly taken away by some type of apocalypse, the world would be in an absolute uproar.


NizzyNate Millyunz?

25 Oct

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Who is NizzyNate Millyunz?

NizzyNate Millyunz, born Nathan John Mills, represents a new generation of hip-hop music. He was born in Nashville, TN; however, spent much of his life growing up in the Twin-Cities area of Minnesota. Nate’s passion for music started when he was in his early teens when he played in a band that performed in venues across the metro area. He has since become a songwriter and has over 200 songs in his current portfolio. His songwriting illustrates his own style of music with classic hip-hop metaphors that are sure to attract the main-stream crowd.Nate is currently attending college at Minneapolis’ Institute of Production and Recording (IPR) and will graduate in December 2012 with a Media Arts degree in Entertainment Business. He has an extremely versatile flow and seeks to change the hip-hop scene as a freelance innovator. Among his favorite hip-hop artists are the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, J. Cole, Kanye West, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Pimp C.
As the Music and Entertainment Business continues to transform, Nate has exposure to some of the best talent in the industry and understands that as technology changes, so does the next generation of entertainment professionals. Other than his love for the music industry, Nate hopes to one day start a movement through his lyrical content as well as through his newly found group, Kill City Krew.
Nathan John Mills was born on October 13, 1991, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. He is the son of Randy Mills, a retired IT professional who formerly served in the United States Navy, and Tracy Mills, a healthcare executive. His brother, Travis Mills is his photographer and has been instrumental in helping Nate with mixing in pro-tools and songwriting. Two of his uncles, Dwayne Mills and David Mills, are also musicians along with his cousins Colin Mills (drummer) and Gage Mills (guitar player).

K.C.K. Stop The Hate.. Spread The Love.. Support The Movement!

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20 Oct

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